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Senior Capstone Project

The Capstone is a year-long project that uses the skills and themes students are exposed to throughout their time in the Global Studies program. Students are able to choose a topic that interests them (it can be pretty much anything!) and make it globally centered.  My topic is...


Translation software and its impact on language emotionality and artistry.  


My goal with this paper was to explore the concept of language emotionality within multiple fields, and how convenience culture has led humanity to a rudimentary understanding of language and a reliance on technology to do so. I look at medical practices, poetry, X (formally Twitter) posts, and more.

For my second product, I created an analytical portfolio of poetry, comparing human translations to Google Translate using a variety of different scoring categories.

Question I was often asked:

"What do you use if not Google Translate?"

My third product sought to answer this question, providing the viewer with multiple alternatives to overcoming language barriers. I wanted to remind my audience that humanity existed before convenience culture, and it is possible to get back to that.

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